A few words from Jick Nakassian

Let me welcome to this website, all friends who want to learn a few things about me and my long career in this beautiful country.

I must confess that being a musician is a very hard job, let alone in this "difficult" to live in country, that got even more difficult in the past ten years. Everything begins from the low quality of music that is being promoted (with little exception), mostly by television but also by the radio. It is a fact that many music genres have been set aside and one can say that there is an "organised crime" against quality music. That influences new generations, even through the educational system, and constantly feeds them with turkish-arabic-hindu sounds, disguised as "greek" songs, so that those 400 dark years of Turkish rule, over our country and culture, become 1400! It is only natural that the, widely known and used worldwide, greek scales such as Dorian, Mixolydian, Aeolian e.t.c. have been replaced by turkish scales like Kurdi, Nihavent, Ussak (a Phrygian variation), with which greek audiences are now more familiar. Any european elements and even our own original folk music from the greek islands (there is a commercial variation of this music that is only meant to bring profit rather than preserve tradition), now appear "foreign", "strange". Any sound that comes from the west is foreign while every sound that comes from the east appears to be "our own" and has been "feeding" the ears of generations, for the past 50 years. Very important musicians such as Giannidis, Hatziapostolou, Attik, Sougioul, Sakellariou but also musicians from the National Conservatory like Skalkotas, Kalomoiris and others, cannot touch or even exist as reference of past and future music, let alone catch the pulse of contemporary greek audiences. This flow of greek neo-pop-folk music that takes over 95% of the audiences in Greece on one hand and the quality music for the few, that is mostly presented by Athens Concert Hall, on the other, have managed to set many genres of music aside, just like it happened with the social middle class (that I must say has been the healthiest of all). I feel that greek audiences have lost contact and therefore cannot appreciate contemporary easy listening music, with jazzy elements, latin rhythms, blues, funk rhythms, good acoustic rock combined with our rhythmic styles, scales and most importantly our rich language. A richer sample of greek language is now mostly used in music targeted to very young age groups, which of course is not a bad thing, however I am annoyed to have observed, through my many travels, that this is not the case abroad. Outside Greece, this musical amalgam, this quality pop music, these contemporary sounds with relevant lyrics and a social or sentimental content (and I do not mean the contemporary sounds of Lady Gaga), actually reach a very wider audience, starting from ages like 20 years old and reaching up to 70!

Personally, I have worked as an orchestrator and director in the record industry (about 30 records), in the radio (about 300 orchestrations-works for a 50 member orchestra, that now belong to the library of the National Radio & Television Network), in the theatre (6 plays), in the Thessaloniki Festival for the good period of 1974 - 1981 and the not so good period that followed, summing up to 18 years. But even after having won numerous awards in the Thessaloniki Festival and for a Greek Air Force anthem, I don't feel like resting on my laurels.

If in this webpage I must state my actual profession, my true love in music, it lies in spontaneously writing music and lyrics from a very young age. Many different stories and experiences come together with lyrics-images, to create a complete song. My songs are about everyday life's issues, social or erotic, with no genre labels, and by songs I do not mean anything that lasts for a couple of months. I want my songs to be true and lasting and accordingly, I want to bring them in front of the public in "matte" spaces with simple lighting. I have the honor of working with musicians that chose me because they like my music and I chose them for their love of music, excellent performance and character. In 2011, I would like to present the outcome of all those years of efforts, in songs with greek lyrics and no genre labels, although I can certainly say they are not folk-pop. Through this webpage I will be letting you know where my team and I will be performing and I will be very glad if we could share some quality music moments; no labels added!