The Advice Song

Celebrate this morning sunshine in your eyes
don't remind yourself that last night was raining
kiss your fate to win an optimistic day
you can beat the ups and downs of yesterday

come on erase those silly things put'em out of your mind
let'em take a sentimental journey in hell
you're not weak believe me,guess you're not aware
of the power that you hide inside yourself

take my advice my friend

Once is not good enough if something good comes on your wa}
twice is better if you let yourself free today
no,it's not wise enough to make the same mistakes again
you better change the things that drive youself insane

syncopations in my melody makes you sway
you don't need no mo' sad songs today
come and play with me some different styles,ok?
if you mind that I'm here with you please say it

take my advice my friend