Nobody Wants Me Now!

I don't know how to start an' how to begin
I got the message in my answear machine
situation really's not lookin'good
I've never waited things the way I should

my baby left me days ago for a friend
who's got a gig outside of town with a band
I'm all alone so doggone blue to reveal
somebody made me another Devil's deal
what a meal, don't ask me how I feel

Nobody wants me now
nobody wants me now
nobody wants me now
specially when I'm down
none of my friends is aroun'
no tears for the clown

I try to play it cool playin' my sax
I'm talkin' French with an excellent ax
I take the pros an cons facin' the facts
I look inside my minds railroad tracks
no train stops,it's only thinkin' got no acts

Nobody wants me now...