Jick Nakassian was born in Athens, Greece.

He graduated from the Athens and National Conservatoires with distinction. He has diplomas in Harmony, Counterpoint and Orchestration, Fugue and Orchestral Conduction.

In 1982 he moved to the United States where he attended seminars on musicology, music for theatre and cinema at the Berklee School of Music in Boston.

1974. He makes his first public appearance in the Thessalonica Festival as a composer and orchestrator.

1975 - 1997. Almost every year he participates as a conductor and orchestrator in various Festivals in Greece and abroad (Austria, Tokyo, Poland, Holland, Ireland) and in the Thessalonica Festival where he wins two first special awards for best orchestration.

1978 - 1979. He represents Greece in the events of MIDEM in Cannes.

1980. His composition "AUTOSTOP" performed by Anna Vissi, comes first among 469 greek songs and represents Greece in the 1980 Eurovision Contest in Hagen. He directs the orchestra himself.

1982 - 1984. He lives in NEW YORK where he works on his own compositions in collaboration with local record and production companies. At the same time he attends seminars at the Berklee School of Music.

1978 - 1991. Returning to Greece, he continues his collaboration with the Variety Music Orchestra of the National Radio and Television Company (ERT), which had begun during M. Chatzidakis's directorship in 1977, as an orchestrator and director. The collaboration will cont-inue up to 1990 with a total outcome of more than 300 instrumentations for 40 - 50 member orchestras, that are now stored in the Library - Film archive of ERT. At the same time he colla-borates with the Greek Conservatoire, the Attica Conservatoire and the Skalkota Conserva-toire, where he leads his own class: "The Modern Professional Orchestrator".

1993. In an anthem competition of the Greek Armed Forces his composition "We are Aviators" comes 2nd among 180 anthems. During the same period he writes music for the theatrical plays: "George Dantin" by Moliere and "The Servant of Two Masters" by Carlo Goldoni. He orchestrates for the national television (ERT) adaptation of the play "Annie", directed by Stamatis Chondrogiannis. He writes the music for the play "Mrs Warren's Profession" at the Vergis Theatre, and receives very favorable reviews. At the same time he writes a complete musical play for children titled "The child with the bicycle". M. Korres, a writer and academic, proposed the work to the director of National Theater Mrs Tsatsos. It was accepted but the production ceased when Mr Kourkoulos undertook the direction of the National Theatre. It still remains uncalaimed in the composer's drawers…

1998. He creates his own Music Scene named "PASSAGE"
Jick Nakassian has completed 32 albums during his career. His songs have been sung by Aleka Kanelidou, Yannis Poulopoulos, Paschalis, Bessy Argyraki, Elpida, Marianna Toli, Margarita Zormpala. He has also worked with Manolis Mpithikotsis, Costis Christos, Tania Tsanaklidoy, Paulina, Vassilis Papakonstantinoy, Manolis Mitsias, Harry Kleen, Lizetta Nikolaou and other.

1978 - 1998. He works as a music director in very popular night clubs in both Athens and Thessalonica, such as TABOO, DEILINA, NOCTURNO, ATHINAIA, DIVUS and others.

2004 - 2010. He writes personal songs (music & lyrics), and completes them instrumentally by executing all the musical and phonetic parts by himself. He also writes orchestral music in his own studio. His new album produced by himself will be published shortly (in the beginning of 2011), after many years of absence…